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Gangadham Charitable Trust.
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Ludhiana Darbar

Sankirtan : As much as the name reveals, Shri Balaji Sankirtan's are being held bi-weekly on saturday's at Shri Krishna Temple(Ludhiana) & Bhakhtjun's places as well. Everything is organized by trust leaded by the main head Shri Sant Ram Jindal. A group of various artists using instruments including Tabla,dholak & harmonium sing devotional songs and present a vary warm & delightful time. The sankirtan is completed at the end followed by Mangal Aarti ↦ Prasad.

Jaagran : Held annually on special dates like Hanuman Jayanti and similiar, Shri Balaji Jaagran is throught out the whole night and performed in coordination by the Trust and the group of artists.

Shri Sunderkand Paath : Similair to Sankirtan, Bhakhtjun also organise sunderkand paath where in a holy book of Shri Hanuman ji is being recited and sung in a musical manner using instruments like Tabla, Dholak and Harmonium by various artists.

About Shri Satinder Kumar Jindal AKA Shri Sant Ram Jindal : He is a well reputed business man , a husband,a father and a proud grandfather of 7 grand kids. Based out of Ludhiana, Punjab India he is an ordinary man who goes to work everyday just like every body. Shri Sant Ram Jindal is a strong believer in God , a devotee of Ram Bhagat Lord Hanuman , also known as Lord Balaji . He has lived his life with a passion and With Balaji's blessings, he started running bi-weekly sankirtan's (Bhajan's) and all the miracles happened during these sankirtan's at various occasions. Please check the schedules for next sankirtan.

Principles He Lived By : Before you believe in God, Respect your parents Love your kids Last, Love your country. God is within you in your heart, you just need to look closely.


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